Are laptops good for gaming?


Jan 25, 2020
Are laptops good for gaming? I heard that playing games on laptops would defect to the performance of the laptop… Is it true?
Laptops can be good for gaming, however generally for a laptop to be able to play modern games you sacrifice quite a bit of poratability - i.e gaming laptops are heavier and have lower battery life than ‘normal’ laptops, plus they are a lot more difficult to upgrade vs a gaming PC. Gaming laptops tend to be more expensive than their desktop counterparts also.
I had a gaming laptop a few years ago and after just 2 years the performance got worse. I used the laptop also for university and it was really heavy to carry every day. Few months later I couldn’t work on my laptop anymore because software for university was not working right. So I decided to use a gaming PC at home and a new “normal” laptop für university.

My gaming PC is now 3 years old and his performance is better than the gaming laptop after 2 years. And if something happens to the hardware it is easier to replace in a pc than in a laptop.
PC Desktops are usually better for gaming as they last longer and they are always plugged in so you don’t have to worry about charging your PC. Laptops are okay for gaming but nothing fancy and they don’t last as long as computers do.
They can be good for gaming if you don’t mind charging up your laptop a lot more. Thats one reason why I prefer desktop computers they are more powerful and they stay plugged in.
Yep Laptops are good for gaming. You just need to make sure its a laptop made more for gaming so it has the right requirements and graphics card.
Laptops can be used for gaming. If its occasionally that is. Because normals laptops just aren’t made for the extreme stress some large game titles can push a laptop towards. In such cases its good to buy a gaming laptop thats designed to be sleek looking and has internals that can give an optimal gaming and performance experience.🙌🙌
Yes, Laptops are good for gaming. It just depends on your requirements, if you gaming lover and install large size games then may it cause the regular laptop, for that you simply must have a gaming laptop with a good graphic card.
Yeah definitely laptops that have good specs and a good overall build that is made accordingly to have good thermal exchange can allow for the laptop to have a good gaming experience without having to throttle too much.😂