ASUS BIOS EZ utility instead of windows

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Jun 10, 2021

Turned on my Asus laptop today. I get the following instead of the usual windows login screen

I can’t seem to get past this any ideas? Thanks
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Isn’t there a legend somewhere on the screen (generally at the bottom), that tells you the options you have? Generally, to exit form a BIOS screen you hit F10 to Save & Exit.
Yes there are option at the bottom. F10 is one of them.

Each time I press it it reboots, shows ASUS logo and comes back to EZ Bios screen
Hey @Harry - welcome to Computer Forums 👋

I have an ASUS netbook myself, possibly the same one as you, that has a similar BIOS interface. There’s a chance that the storage device may have failed or there’s a problem with your Windows installation.

Have you done any big updates recently or attempted to format the disk, install Linux or similar?
There should be an option to set the BIOS to its defaults. Have you tried that?

If that doesn’t work then you may very well have a hardware issue as root suggested,
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Hey thanks all, I spoke to Asus who confirmed a fault who are sorting on warranty.
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