Can the same PC have more than one operating system?


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Jan 25, 2020
My laptop’s OS is Windows 8.1. This might sound weird but I still love playing some old retro games like Age of Empires 2 and Mafia and even Road Rash. The thing is, for various reasons, they don’t run the way they should on Win-8.1. Like AOE2 has color disruption on 8.1. But all those games shall run fine on Windows XP. Can I install Windows XP on my laptop and run both XP and 8.1? If that’s possible, please show me how. Thanks.
Yes u can install two operating system on your computer like a multi boot system. Make sure that every operating sytem is on an own disk partition. With a boot manager you can select which operating system u want to start first. Just google for “multi boot system windows” on google and u will find a lot of instructions for different operating systems (Win 8, XP, Win 10, Vista, …)

It is also possible to install the second operating system on a virtual machine on your computer.