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Do you leave your computer on all day?


I hear of people leaving their computer on all day and all night. They don’t turn their computer off at all. Is this healthy for the computer or no?


New member
If you have a pretty old computer then it is wise to leave your computer on all the time and just turn it to sleep instead of shutting it off. It takes a long time for the PC to get warmed up and working properly after being shut down.
If you only use your computer for 1 or 2 hours a day then its best to shut it off even if your computer is old. Computers can also heat up when they’re on, and heat is the enemy of all components.


Yeah its no issue if you can just out the Pc to standby or sleep mode as it will keep running in the background without too much heavy use.
The only problem is if you ok with the electrical bill that may come to pass if you have a setup with a lot of power demand.😂


Staff member
I used to but now I much prefer just popping it into sleep mode - got to save power! On modern machines it doesn’t take too long to boot back up again.


I have several computers that I leave running 24/7. The only time they are ever turned off is when I turn them off to do some sort of maintenance. They get rebooted every once in awhile, mostly when an update requires it.


New member
If the laptop or PC is running a low power consumption setup then i think it shouldn’t put that much load on the whole laptop. Also most people have to keep their systems on for more than a whole day due to their work flow and what not and if the whole system is well kept and turned off in between use to let the processor rest then their wont really be any issue for the system