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Apr 27, 2021
I have a few websites but finding Host Gator kinda suck, my sites run pretty slowly and come up with errors a lot. They’re mostly wordpress sites with a bit of email

What web hosting would be better for this? I am in Wales if this matters
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Hello @rickyc, welcome to Computer Forums! 👋

This is a bit of a specialist subject for me. I’ve used many web hosts over the years, worked for a couple and even ran my own for a while and my advice would be to find one that appears to be in it for the long haul but isn’t too large that you’re just another monthly invoice to them either.

HostGator certainly is, but as it appears you have found they’re mostly about getting as many customers at all and hoping it all works out fine.

It’s probably worth avoiding any ‘EIG’ hosting company (HostGator is one of these) - further reading here if you’re interested.

You mention being in Wales - if your websites cater mostly to a UK or Europe audience, it’s worth hosting on UK servers for best site performance. I personally use Brixly for various projects and have had no issues.

One thing to bear in mind is if your websites are coming up with errors, it could be something wrong with the site that moving host won’t fix.
You may look in your site itself as Hostgator have decent performance record over the years and I am using it for while without any issue. You may need to use CDN services and have a look if it solve your problems.

You may use Bluhost which only 3 hosting provider which is recommended by Wordpress and they have almost all features which you wants.
Thanks for both replies, bit of conflicting info here though

My sites are mostly for a UK audience, I develop them for a few local businesses

I have found Host Gator completely unhelpful so am looking to move away

Might give Brixly a go if they’re rated and a UK company
What I like about Brixly is they don’t charge the earth. Other well regarded UK hosting companies are Krystal and EUKhost. I’ve tried Krystal and their service is good but a bit on the expensive side compared to the alternatives out there. I’ve no experience with EUKHost but not heard anything bad about them.