Have you ever paid?


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Sep 25, 2020
Have you ever bought an app to download and use? If so, was it worth the money? I have never bought an app on my phone. I just get the free ones and if they cost money then I don’t that one.
Yea I have done this but only for a couple of apps that I really wanted and they were games. I would never spend too much money on an app. $5 - 10 tops.
I’ve bought lots of apps. The great thing with Apple is the purchases carry over to all my devices, and my family account so as a household we only need to pay once and we all get to use an app.
I have maybe bought one or two apps but try to find free ones wherever possible, don’t really use many apps other than the one my phone comes with.
Honestly there has only ever been one time that I’ve bought an app and that was a bad decision on my part. Wasn’t worth the amount i paid for that game and didn’t really play well at all. But i do buy subscriptions of apps that i really like. For example i really love my netflix,amazon, and Spotify subscriptions. Can’t love without e’m.☠️
I haven’t really per say bought an app but i do use in app purchases for apps such as Spotify, skill share and Netflix. These have worked wonders for me and haven’t really found a need to specifically buy a certain type of app.
I am using Samsung Galaxy s10 and I have couple of paid apps on my phones as I need some productivity related apps which I normally use for my work so I have to pay for it and it is worth to pay as it reduced my work.