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How late have you stayed up?


How late have you stayed up playing video games? In my earlier days I could stay up all night with friends playing video games. Not so much anymore! I like my sleep.


New member
I can still stay up all night if I wanted to. I do that every now and then especially on my weekend and then I just sleep the next day to recover.


Same in my case in my teen years i could go for straight 2 days of gameplay and even squeeze in some series watching in that time frame as well.
Nowadays after growing up i suppose we have to manage the time we have. Even for our most dear hobbies.:hugs:😔


New member
Well if its well thinking along the lines of when i was in middle school yeah that was when i had the time to be able to game all day and all night long for straight 2 days even. But as times changed I now can’t even find the time to play some mobile games for myself