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How much do you pay for your internet?


Staff member
About £68 a month - but that’s for 900meg down and 100 up. Working from home with a couple of others in the house it does come in handy as the low latency gives me a smooth experience making work phone calls over my Amazon remote desktop.

Annoyingly alongside my fibre optic broadband I have to pay separately for a copper phone line that doesn’t even have a phone plugged into it but this is common for everyone in the UK, even the cable provider (there’s only one, Virgin) charge less for broadband if you take it with a phone than without - not sure why as I use my mobile!


Living the dorm life that i live, I don’t have that much control over my internet speeds and packages but what i do know is that the dorm owner pays about $30/month for a connection speed of 8 Mbps with unlimited downloads.🙌