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Jan 15, 2023
I've got a Lenovo E 535 ThinkPad laptop I hardly ever used and kept around as a backup. Recently I went to boot it up and after charging nothing happened. I took it to a professional computer repair guy and he said it's toast; said something about a known problem with the motherboard. He suggested I just part it out or sell it outright.

So I'm wondering...what's the best way to sell this carcass of a computer to get the most out of it? Should I take the memory, hard drive or anything else out and sell them separately, or should I just let the whole thing go as one item?

Also, could anyone translate this line found on a sticker on the back that denotes the computer's stats...

Lenovo E535 A10 - 4600m 2.3/6/750/DR/15.6/W7P-W8

Only thing I get out of that is a 15.6" monitor.

Also, I'm not sure how to describe this memory if I were to sell it. Can anyone translate this sticker and let me know how I should advertise this memory? Thanks.

mem 1.JPGmem 2.JPG
Hey @Toonces - welcome (back) to CF.

Personally I'd sell the entire machine, for spares and repairs. You could make a bit more selling the parts separately, but if you're looking to sell on eBay or similar then by the time you pay separate shipping fees, packing materials, ebay fees etc you might not find you come out with much more profit.

Just be sure to erase any personal data from your disk first before giving it or selling it to anyone else.

You might have the best luck deducting the specs by finding the serial number (should be on the bottom near the specs) and entering it on Lenovo's website - it should tell you the original specification it left the factory with:

My best guess for the "specs line" will be this:

Lenovo E535 - model number
A10 - 4600m - this refers to an AMD mobile CPU
2.3 - possibly the CPU speed
/6/750/DR - no clues I'm afraid. Possibly referring to the RAM and Storage, though both of these numbers wouldn't be very common.
15.6 - screen size
W7P-W8 - would indicate the machine is possibly dual licence for Windows 7 Pro / Windows 8 (10 should be acceptable also)

As for the RAM - this is a Hynix 4GB, 12800 speed, DDR3 SODIMM module. The FRU code is a Lenovo specific one that people might use to upgrade the RAM, but it should work in any machine that will accept a SODIMM module. To break it down further:
Hynix - who made the RAM chips. This is a well known brand.
SODIMM - the "shape" of the stick - i.e it's what I would call laptop RAM
DDR3 - the type of RAM
12800 - the speed of the RAM.

If you've got two of these RAM sticks, I'd sell it as an 8GB pair.

Hope this goes some way to help!
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