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How to manage data with MySQL online?


New member
Hi guys!

I am looking for a solution in order to manage data online. I am no computer expert so I hope finding help here.

My project does not have many data yet and we want to gain insights from the data in the future. Tought about using MySQL as a SQL database because it is relational and maybe also easier for beginners. And because I have not much experience with that I am searching for solutions to manage the data. For me it is important that the data does not have redundances and is saved by backups. So if there is a failure it can be recovered easily.

Is there a tool or something for managing data with MySQL online? It should be easy for beginners.

Thanks in advance
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Staff member
This certainly looks interesting, but probably entirely overboard in terms of complexity and cost for any smaller scale / home use stuff. Probably has a place in business use though.


New member
So if you’re using php it’s probably for the best if you simply use some freeware from the internet. Me personally i rarely run things via my own servers anymore. Lately I’ve discovered a new found love for working with clouds. I know of course that thats just another server, but it feels relaxing if you don’t have to put up with server maintenance… I can really recommend a provider that lets you deploy a fully fledged SQL database in the cloud space of your choice. To set all of this up by hand is such a waste of time if you could have saved so much of your time with one of these providers. There may be a couple of them but the one I trust the most is Aiven for the MySQL database. I’ve used their software for a couple of years and form customer experience to customer service it has always been a smooth and pleasant journey.


Yes clouds might be the way to go these days especially if someone is not strong in the area of maintenance and upkeeps of running a website. This is good advice from you!