HP monitor goes blank

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What is the computer doing when the monitor goes blank? How often does it happen? Have you installed any new software lately? Did this just start happening or has it been happening for a long time?
Internet browsing

Or working so excel, outlook, phone calls, notes system

no new software

Started happening since this week has been fine for years until now

thank you
Hello @sberry , welcome to Computer Forums! 👋

In addition to @strollin’s question about whether you have had any driver updates recently, I’m curious: when you say it has been ‘fine for years’, how long have you had this monitor for?

What sort of connection are you using, e.g VGA, DVI, HDMI? And does the power indicator light on the monitor change colour or go off whne it goes blank?

How frequently is it powering off?

The issue could be one of a few different things so if you could answer our questions it will help narrow the issue down 🙂
Haven’t had any updates, don’t think there is anything i need to check

Think it is a vga, has a blue plug with 2 nuts that goes into the PC

it seems to go out maybe once or twice an hour, sometimes off for 10 seconds, sometimes 1 or 2
If you go Start > Settings > Updates and Security > View update history it will show any recent updates.

If the monitor takes VGA and you have had it for several few years, there’s a chance that it is simply getting old and unreliable. It might just need a new VGA cable.

It might be worth reinstalling your video driver to see if this helps.
Last update 14 April, problem started before then

Have put spare vga cable on instead of the old one not happened yet but might happen again

how do I reinstall my video driver
Right click Start > Device Manager > Find your video output device i.e Intel or nVidia under Display Adaptors

Right click on it > Uninstall

Normally leave the box to remove the driver unticked.

Reboot Windows.
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Okay i have had it running for a while since doing this

seems fine for now thank you

Will get a new monitor soon though
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