Laptop won't detect headphones inbound but it used to (Dell G5 15 5587)


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Dec 5, 2021
Hi! So my [Dell G5 15 5587] dell laptop used to detect my headphone inbound and now it does not. Instead it is using my laptop inbound. In both case, I’m using realtek sound (headphone). I’ve tried multiple option, like uninstalling realtek and re-installing it. updating bio’s, messing around with sound options. Seems like i’m slowly running out of option. Their isnt any pop-up when I plug my headphone, but even when it used to work, I don’t think it ever did. The headphone are pretty new (like 6 months), so I don’t think the issue is there. I’ve head of using max audio pro? But I’m unsure which one to get for Dell. Tyvm
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Hello and welcome to Computer Forums, sorry your post got trapped in the spam filter which can be a bit overzealous but we get a lot of spam attacks unfortunately.

The headset you’re using is it a Jack type or USB headset? In my line of work I deal with problems with headsets on a daily basis and any sort of cheap / Amazon non brand ones you’re lucky if they last 3 months so I would definitely recommend trying another if you can.