New nVidia cards

Definitely an exciting time! I was considering upgrading my 1080 but glad I’ve held out. Will probably need to build a new machine to handle one of these though…
Woah that looks really cool. What did you take away from this video? Pros and cons? How much are they selling for?
They’re pretty pricey at the moment especially on the secondary market - hopefully things will cool down in a few months as nvidia sort their supply issues out.
As a mostly Apple user not too fussed about these as gaming isn’t a huge thing for me but my son is pining for a new gaming machine so will have to wait until the prices stop being silly…
These graphic cards are monster and what really appeals to the buyer is how good they’re performance is in correspondence to their price range. But the downside is that a whole different setup needs to be built so it can even begin to use the amazing ability of these graphic cards.
Yeah these new graphics cards are amazing but its heart wrenching to see how great these new cards are when I’ve just recently bought a new card for my PC just 1 month before their launch and it was a great 2080 Ti that i saved for atleast for 5 months 😂:cry:
Sadly here we are nearly 6 months on and trying to get hold of these cards is tricky. Would love to get a GeForce 3060 but I really don’t fancy paying the scalper prices at the moment…