Password Managers


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Dec 28, 2019
Something that doesn’t get talked about too often but I think is pretty important these days with all of the breaches going on…

Do you use a password manager? Why, or why not?

I used to subscribe to Dashlane premium for a long time but have since discovered Bitwarden that does about 80% of what Dashlane does without any sort of cost. I like that it’s free and open source, and integrates well with both my Windows PCs and iPhone and iPad.
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Most of the time I’m using an Apple device so I use the iCloud Keychain feature they bought in a few years ago.

Works well enough for me!
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I used in past but now a days nothing is safe and who knows if password manager got hacked or someone leaked your data so better never give your login details to 3rd party. Better to store in physicals space which is more safer option for me.