PC is making funny noises


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Aug 30, 2020
My PC is quite old in technology years (8 years old) I’ve noticed lately that it makes loud noises when I turn on my computer and after a few minutes the noises stop. Everything still works fine it just makes those noises when I first turn my computer on.
Any suggestions?
What sort of noises are they? Have you had any warnings about the hard drive at all - or does the computer have a hard drive or solid state drive do you know?

Generally there are two components that move and can cause noise - the hard disk and the fans. If either is getting towards the end of its life then they will start making odd sounds, which might go away as they warm up in use but sadly its unlikely to get any better and whichever component is causing it will eventually fail
Have you recently moved the computer? something may have come looseis it a desktop or laptop?
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Firstly wow that’s ancient tech. But yeah a good suggestions would be to check its various wirings to see if anything isn’t disconnected. And i would also suggest getting it properly cleaned to see if its not some dust or gunk that may be effecting the fans or airflow.