Strange Displayport issue

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Feb 25, 2021

I recently bought a mini PC from Amazon which has displayport, HDMI and VGA out

I’m not using the VGA but I am finding that the Displayport is intermittent, it seems to function OK if I unplug and replug the cable or resume from sleep, but if I reboot the PC it stops working

The HDMI port works fine on the PC

I don’t think it’s the monitor as I have 2 identical monitors, tried swapping the cables over between them

I do have to use an adaptor for the displayport as my monitors only take HDMI connections

Is there an easy fix for this?
Hello, and welcome to Computer Forums!

This is odd - a few things I would say to try would be to check you’ve got the latest graphic drivers - is the computer you’re using running Windows?

Have you used this adaptor / monitor combination previously without any issues?

Thanks for getting back to me

I used to use this adaptor on an old machine just fine but it’s been a while.

Drivers are up to date as far as I know, I’m not using a graphics card but just intel graphics.
Thank you! This was exactly what I needed, my monitor is now working perfectly!
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