Touch Pad Problem ( Blue Tooth Keyboard )


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Feb 5, 2021

I have a Clevo MT760 Laptop, runing Windows 10 x64 the problem I initialy had was the Keyboard went bad, so I purchased a blue tooth Keyboard to use, it works fine, but the problem I have now is that when I connected the bluetooth Keyboard to the Laptop the Touch Pad function went off, as if the bluetooth Keyboard has taken over the Touch Pad function as well ! .
Anyone got any ideas as to the fix ?.

Hi Spike,

That’s certainly a weird issue.

It might be worth checking the touchpad settings - some touchpads have a feature to disable the keyboard when typing, it might be disabling the touchpad altogether with the keyboard connected

Easiest way to find the settings is to press Windows + R, type ‘control mouse’ without quotes into the run box and click OK. There will possibly be a Synaptics or ELAN tab here, or underneath the Hardware tab there will be additional options.
Thanks god your reply , it looks like the Bluetooth setting is overriding the on board touch pad setting, there is some settings in the Synaptics app , but nothing to change , like run along with any Bluetooth hardware .

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It might not specifically mention Bluetooth, have a look for a setting labelled ‘Palm Check’ or ‘disable touchpad when typing’ as there are various different names for the same thing

Normally it only activates when a key is pressed, but there might be an issue with the keyboard or a driver clash

There’s more info at

Have you tried a different keyboard, perhaps a USB one? Does the touchpad start working as soon as the bluetooth keyboard is turned off?