Usb drive not recognized

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May 31, 2021
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My Kingston datatraveler usb does not get picked up anymore.

I insert it and windows alerts “You need to format this drive”.

I choose to format as theres nothing important on there, I get “Unable to complete the format”.

Is there a command or program to fix this?!?!?
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Dec 28, 2019
Hey @wanderer - welcome to Computer Forums 👋

What I would try for this, is to clean and format the drive using Diskpart.
  1. Right Click on the start menu and choose ‘PowerShell - Admin’.
  2. In the box, type diskpart and hit enter.
  3. Type: list disk then it should show you a list of drives. Find the number of your drive, normally it will indicate the capacity e.g 16G, 32G depending on your drive. Be 100% sure it’s the right one!
  4. Type select disk X - entering the actual correct number for your drive for X.
  5. Type the following commands one after the other. It may tae a little while for each one to run:
    create partition primary
    format fs=fat32 quick
  6. Unplug and replug the USB drive, Windows should now hopefully recognise it. If not the drive may be broken.
Please could you come back and let us know if this has worked for you? 😊
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