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What is the best web browser


New member
What web browser do you all use? I currently use chrome but wonder if there are any good alternatives out there?

Is the new version of Edge any good compared to the old one which always felt quite slow to me


Staff member
Personally for me I love Firefox - switched from Chrome around the time Quantum first came out and haven’t looked back as part of my ongoing effort to switch away from Google.

I do use Safari on my phone and iPad however, not such a fan of Firefox Mobile.


I’m a fan girl when it comes to using Firefox for my desktop. It’s a great browser and the great thing about it, is that it respects my privacy and security a lit more that chrome does. Safari works great for the iPhone use but for the mobile use in android in stuck with chrome as default and Opera as a secondary option.🙌
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I’ve been a FireFox user for many years. I’ve tried other browsers but prefer FireFox over any of them. I suppose it’s boils down to what you are used to.

Janvi Arora

New member
Safari is the best web browser because it has a fast, responsive user interface and offers many essential features for online browsing. It also supports extensions and add-ons, which make it easier to customize your experience. Safari is compatible with both macOS Sierra and iOS 11 devices.
Chrome is also one of the most popular browsers, but its performance may be less reliable on slower internet connections or older hardware. Firefox also has a large user base, but ads and cyber threats may impact its performance.