What kinda cool stuff can a palm pilot do?


Jan 25, 2020
What kinda cool stuff can a palm pilot do? Also, are there monthly fees involved? and how much do they cost around $100?
Very little these days - there’s no monthly fee but palm pilots fell out of use around 10 years ago - you’ll only really find them in places like warehouses and supermarkets where they are used with barcode scanners to perform specialised tasks. An old one on eBay would be less than $50, but for a more modernised unit in a scanner they are a lot more expensive.
I have totally forgot about the palm pilot and how they used to be quite popular. I think Tablets have replaced palm pilots so you’d be better off probably getting a tablet and you can do so much more with them.
It basically doesn’t do much anymore these days that your phone can’t do. It is basically for making notes, scheduling meetings or events, etc. You can do that in your calendar on the phone.