What office software to use


Oct 3, 2020
Hi all

My office 365 subscription is coming to an end and I’m just wondering if there is any alternative, I have heard of openoffice? Is this as good or better than microsoft office? I don’t really use all the features to be honest, mostly just Word for the occasional letter and a bit of Excel for work, rarely I might need to do a Powerpoint - again mostly for work but since the pandemic I have been using works systems from home so not sure I need it on my personal computer anymore

Hey @captcrunch, welcome to Computer Forums 👋

I would say it all depends on exactly what sort of work you’re doing from home. If it’s basic non macro spreadsheets then Libreoffice (which most people now use in leiu of OpenOffice) is a good bet. I will be honest it doesn’t feel as polished as Microsoft Office but you can’t beat the price of free.

If you do any sort of macro work or use spreadsheets that depend on them then I would say you would most likely want to continue with 365.

Do you use Outlook for email? Libreoffice doesn’t offer any sort of alternative and this is often part of the MS Office Suite.

If you are using your office computer remotely then perhaps you can avoid buying Office again at least for now until if/when things go back to normal.

An alternative that is supposed to be more compatible with MS Office is SoftMaker FreeOffice - though it’s not open source so not sure how much I can trust it having never used it myself, it does appear to be a legitimate alternative that is also free.
I’ve used Office for Mac for years though if you have any Apple computers their own office suite is quite good and I often find myself using it over the Office suite. Their Numbers app is great for budgeting compared to Excel - far less complicated to use!
Been using LibreOffice for a while now, and before that openoffice. It suits my needs though thats normally just the odd letter or spreadsheet.
I just use Google docs, I like that I can access stuff from any computer without having to mess around copying files
Ms office is a good software to use. Its very well polished and can easily be understood as its one of the first ones we ever use.
A good alternative i can suggest is that you try the same office like software that google has. Like sheets, slides , and docs. They’re use is almost similar to ms office and their work can easily be shared and connected between mobile devices and PC’s.