What's the best linux distro


Oct 11, 2020

I’m looking to get started with linux. I dabbled a few years ago but i want to try and learn it better and gain more skills

What is a good version of linux to get started with?
I am a big fan of Linux Mint - it works well on all sorts of computers and seems to rarely have any driver issues.

If you’re installing on an older machine consider the XFCE edition. If it’s a newer machine then the Cinnamon edition is good too.

The difference between these is the ‘desktop manager’ i.e the software that gives you your taskbar and shortcuts. Cinnamon is a little more demanding on older machines but if you’re using a fairly new machine it’s more feature packed and is the one written by the Linux Mint developers so it works well.
I’ve never used linux but I am quite curious to try it out

What would I need to get started? Is it similar to installing windows?
I think you pretty much just install it like Windows, I have done it a couple of times and its quite easy

Just make sure you backup your data and have a spare copy of windows just in case things don’t go to plan then start your computer from a USB

You can use something like Etcher to create Linux usb after downloading the one you want, most of them tell you how to install it on the downloads page
I really like Ubuntu and prefer it to linux mint it looks more modern and seems to work better with my laptop