Best program to burn CDs?

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Oct 10, 2020

I want to know what the best software to burn CDs is in 2020? I know that those of us who use optical media are a dying breed these days but I need to produce CDs to use on the mixing desk of amateur productions (eventually) now that things are starting up again after COVID.

Previously I was using an old version of Nero on an old windows xp laptop, which I have used for many years but coming to use the laptop again recently it appears to have died altogether and I no longer have my install CD for nero

Anything free or low cost would be ideal
I should add my current / main laptop is running on Windows 10 and I am now (trying) to use an external CD burner.
Hi @mistermix - welcome to Computer Forums 👋

The first question I would ask is did your CD burner come with any software? Often these are bundled with a disk with software that allows you to burn CDs and DVDs

If you are just looking to put MP3/audio files on to disk, I would consider using Windows Media Player that has this functionality built in and comes free with Windows 10.

Otherwise I believe the Nero software is still sold and isn’t too expensive.
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It was a long time ago when I burned the last CD/DVD for my old car. 😃
But in my opinion the Windows Media Player is easy to use and does it job.
Thanks all for your suggestions, looks like I will stick to Windows Media Player as it looks like does the task I need it to do 🙂
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