Block/file level replication

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Sep 12, 2021
I have a Laptop contains windows 10 and I need to sync 60G to windows server 2016 which is in a different network (100km far away ), then I would like to have a nightly daily sync process that syncs the updates only without having to copy the entire 60 gigabytes every time. So essentially a delta or block-level sync and then file-level sync. So, what is the easiest way to get this going?

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You might want to take a look at Robocopy that’s built right into Windows:

Alternatively there’s a couple of open source projects that should do what you’re looking to achieve:

An older piece of software:

None of these offer an off the shelf solution as such and will require some reading of the documentation but if you’re setting up automated batch processes / scheduled it should be fairly easy to script these.
I searched so much and found how to do Block level copy using Robocopy !, my problem is how exactly can I do File-level replication and how can I sync the updates only without having to copy the entire 60 gigabytes every time using Robocopy ?
Both the mentioned tools sound good , I will give both a try besides 2 recommended tools by a colleague , Carbonite and Gs Richcopy 360 ,I wish any of these can help
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Having a look around this article seems to provide a good overview on how to use the incremental feature of Robocopy to sync only changes:

My experience of doing this sort of thing on Windows however is quite limited; though I have used rsync in the past on Linux with great success to run offsite backups for various projects including a live ecommerce site.

If you could potentially have the data on Linux machines at both source and destination rsync may be an option, otherwise I do believe there are ports of rsync to Windows though these might be quite tricky to install and use.
@root , good ideas provided here by you, many thanks, and Fortunately, I found all that I need in Gs Richcopy 360, it works very well.
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Glad you’ve found something that works, trying to achieve what you are trying to achieve is frankly a bit of a pain with a lot of the existing tools.

Thanks for letting us know!
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