Is my PC compatible? Or any other issues

Having a quick glance at your build - looks pretty good. I have recently bought the exact same RAM you've picked for my desktop (though I went for 4x16GB) and no issues (so far)

Just check that your case has enough PCI blank slots to match the offset PCI slot your MB has for your video card.

Another note - the 4060 8GB should serve you well though games are now coming out that will quickly eat up that 8GB VRAM - so for future proofing consider stretching to something with a little more VRAM.

Finally I'm curious what your plan is with your 2x 1TB NVME drives? Ideal if you're planning to use a RAID setup though if you're separating games and OS it might be worth having a larger and a smaller one - just an idea. Good luck with your build, be sure to upload a few pics of your machine when it's done :)