Samsung Dex


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Oct 24, 2020
Does using Samsung dex put the operating system of windows on excess load leading to the the system to hang. Its just a query as i mostly run a lot of processes on my PC and if i use Dex with them then will it stall the PC.🙌
Dex is a really cool feature but it’s important to rememember it’s still a phone so the device will be designed for phone apps. If you try to use it like a powerful workstation you might find it does indeed stall. It might be worth looking at a cloud solution like Shadow or Amazon Workspaces that you can access from Dex that will enable you to do more with the phone in this mode.
My new phone came with Dex and I tried it out. Personally, I didn’t find it particularly useful but I’m sure others might.

I have my phone linked to my Win 10 computer and Dex wants me to unlink the phone to use it so I guess I won’t be using Dex.