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Dec 31, 2021
So my laptop started crashing giving the error whea_uncorrectable_error but it wouldn’t load the percentage to 100% instead just crash at 0% and moreover when I opened it it would open into the atpio utility screen.
First it was once a day then it became almost constant so I got it serviced; all dust removed cleaned. Didn’t fix it, so I ran memtest86 came up empty, ran intel diagnostics, nothing, ran the storage test on windows (don’t know what it’s called) it had an error but it repaired it.
Nothing worked, so I went to reinstall windows and it wiped the memory but while it was reinstalling it crashed and now it won’t start up and instead keeps going to the atpio utility screen.
Please help i need my laptop to study
Welcome to CF 👋

It does sound like there’s some faulty hardware at play. If you’ve got 2 ram sticks installed I’d suggest maybe taking one at a time out of the system to see which one has the fault.

For storage, ideally try another storage drive if you have one spare though this error usually refers to either the CPU or RAM being at fault.
If it’s a bad CPU or motherborad your only option may well be another machine or potentially buying a replacement motherboard but these can cost as much as a second hand laptop.
The problem is that the screws are done so tight i really can’t get in, and unfortunately I’m in a country where i can’t get my hands on a good quality screwdriver to open it up. Is there a software way to check either of those? Because otherwise I’ll have to ask a nearby repair shop to open it each time and the cost can really spiral
You’ve already run a memtest86 which is a pretty good indicator if it’s RAM or not though doesn’t always catch issues.

To try and test the CPU you can use Prime95 - GIMPS - Free Prime95 software downloads - PrimeNet

It’s a bit complicated but the page explains how to use the software

Otherwise I’d try running a UserBenchmarks which is pretty easy to use and which may or may not help point out which bit of hardware is causing the issue - look for something that’s performing way below expectations