Windows 10 ARM


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Jan 3, 2020
It looks like Microsoft is preparing to enable 64 bit x86 applications to run on Windows 10 ARM, I’m guessing this is on the back of Apple’s announcement earlier this year.
Would you consider buying an ARM Windows desktop? Personally I’m holding out for the ARM macbooks - I wonder if it will be eventually possible to run Windows 10 ARM on these?
I think this is absolutely a response to Apple’s ARM plans although I wouldn’t be suprised if x64 emulation has been in the pipeline. Guess we will have to see how well it performs in real world usage and whether developers start coding for Windows ARM natively.
Do you think there will be much of a performance hit running X 86 apps on ARM vs on a normal CPU?
My main concern with Windows 10 ARM is that games won’t work properly, does anyone know if anyone has tested/tried this?
I’m figuring that with cloud gaming on the rise the type of actual hardware you run will get less and less important - not sure if any games have been released natively other than mobile ones but this might be Microsoft’s approach
This is a very good point and not one that I have thought about - but with Microsoft being behind Xbox I am sure they are working on something behind the scenes. I expect gamers will be the last ‘group’ of PC users to switch from x86 based CPUs to ARM chips but the future remains exciting, perhaps at the expense of the whole PC building community - as ARM systems generally have graphics etc all on one chip that’s not upgradable…