Loads of websites down this week due to Fastly


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Dec 28, 2019

So a couple of days ago it seemed all sorts of popular sites simply stopped working, down to Fastly, a CDN going down.

Do these big internet companies hold too much power? Does make me think. So many sites these days rely on Cloudflare, AWS etc. My company has gone all-in on AWS and we’ve had a couple of outages of this.

Personally I keep my sites simple. I used to use Cloudflare for my personal projects including this site, but not any more. Now it just runs on a Digital Ocean VM so provided they stay up - and they have been pretty reliable, CF should keep running.
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Noticed a couple of sites having issues but didn’t put two and two together really.
In the olden days the internet was largely individuals but now with so many big companies behind sites or at least running the hosting it makes it easier for bad actors or bugs to take a lot of things down in one go.

It’s nice that this site remains an independent place. I have noticed a lot of the computer forums I’ve frequenented over the years have been bought up by a couple of big companies and they never seem to have quite the same soul as they used to.