Windows system restore does not work



I want to go back to the old version of the system. Finally, after booting and performing the restore, System Restore gave me an “unknown error” message.
System restore has not been performed.
Disable virus protection as recommended and try again. no effect. What should we do now?
The reason why I want to perform a system restore is that LogiOptions has problems after installing Iobit Driverbooster.
It updates many outdated drivers, including Logitech drivers.

After that, LogiOptions stopped working, configuring the program of my mouse button (mx-master 3) and the operation of my Logitech keyboard (K780).
Logitech Options cannot find the Unifying Receiver. When I asked the program to search for my device, installing the corresponding driver did not solve the problem.

The strange thing is that the keyboard and mouse are indeed connected to the unified receiver. The device works normally, only the adjusted settings disappear.
Hello @Mikiyang - welcome to Computer Forums 👋

Personally I’m a bit skeptical of driver installing programs and this is why, a lot of them turn out to be malware and even if legitimate they can cause device issues.

A bit of research suggests that this IObit program has a restore function have you tried using this to revert the system back?

If not it might be worth using Device Manager to uninstall the devices. Right click the start menu and choose Device Manager. Find the affected devices and uninstall them, then reboot Windows. It will then hopefully reinstall the correct driver.
there is onthing I want to know,your operation system can be started normally or not?